LBRY Gave Me 6000 tokens!

If you’re reading this blog, you are probably involved with LBRY. This is my way of sharing the journey from my one-month LBRY Dev Scholarship.

Is Technology The New Literacy?

I’ve long suspected that programming skills are the new literacy. Once upon a time, only a tiny percentage of elites could read anything. Now those of us in the developed world, and even in many developing nations, take literacy for granted. But programming – a skill that some teenagers pick up in mere months – is in extreme demand, considered an advanced skill.

Is programming really that hard to learn? I don’t think so. I think we’re just in a transition. In 200 years, I bet a majority of adults will be able to do basic programming.

Blog Goals

In the short term this blog creates accountability for me, and allows the LBRY crew to easily check in on me, on your own schedule.  No phone tag.

In the long term, the blog is like a breadcrumb trail. If I’m able to start making meaningful contributions to the LBRY codebase, maybe others can learn from my journey.

It’s important to know what problem you are solving, and how you are measuring it, long before you can claim victory. In the next post, I’ll share the clear metric I am using to measure success for this one-month scholarship experiment.

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