LBRY Dev Scholarship 2 Week Update

So far I have spent approximately 24 hours studying and working on projects relevant to LBRY.

GitHub (~2 hours)

I’ve done some pull requests on my first GitHub issue, for

I will identify a new issue to focus on for the coming week.

Programming Languages (~7 hours)

Completed several courses on through the “pro” membership: SQL, CSS, as well as reviewing the Python course. I will do another course from codecademy in the coming week (Javascript).

I’ve taken down another 1.5 books of Euclid’s Elements in the last two weeks. I’m hoping to pick up more mathematical concepts in the second half of the month.

Internet Protocols (~4 hours)

I am rapidly becoming well-versed in how the internet works.

Studying this involves reading large wikipedia articles on relevant topics, such as Boolean Logic and the history of computers, as well as topics relating to LBRY like freedom of speech. This was a fascinating 4 hour study session.

Engagement and User Adoption (~8 hours)

I believe this is just as important as programming languages themselves.

On this topic, I’ve read and heavily annotated half of a copy of Blue Ocean Strategy, one of the most highly recommended marketing books for tech entrepreneurs, The strategies in that book are crucial for my current LBRY project proposal.

I read all the Jeff Bezos shareholder letters from Amazon, which are very interesting and have a lot of insights too.

Project Development (~3 hours)

I wrote a proposal for a new project which could drive thousands of email sign-ups for LBRY and create something valuable for the world.

More info on this coming soon.

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