Dvorak is fun

I’m typing this post using the Dvorak keyboard layout!

As developers, we spend unhealthy amounts of time on the keyboards. Yet few people take the time to learn proper typing technique.

It turns out that one can relearn typing, even to the extreme of using Dvorak, in mere weeks. It’s not as big a deal as it sounds! You can even switch back and forth between key layouts and it doesn’t feel weird.

There is an immediate and clear improvement in the “posture” of my wrists when I type this way.

Is studying typing important for developers?

I’d argue YES. Each hour spent studying typing results in many lifetime hours of increased productivity from faster + more accurate typing, reduced risk of injury, and non-trivial feelings of relaxation from the improved posture.

You could think of typing as one aspect of “computer technique”. How can it not matter?

The coolest part is that one can approach Dvorak fluency in only a few cumulative weeks of use. The key is to aim for accuracy, not speed.

Here’s a great e-zine about getting started with Dvorak: http://www.dvzine.org/

More LBRY project updates coming soon…

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